Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Word Tables V.S. Excel

When making a calendar, is it easier to use excel or word tables? This was the reason for our work. The excel calendar we made for the month of March was extremely easy! Putting pictures on there, fixing the words just right, making everything line up, was all a breeze! The only thing I had trouble with was the automatic stuff. When trying to make the title say March 2011, it changed it to Mar-11. It may not seem like a big deal, and it's not. It's just not what I wanted. That was the only frustrating thing I came across when making it on excel. Now word tables are a different story. I didn't have as much time on my April calendar as I would of liked, because I missed a day, but everything on word made it harder to make it the way I wanted. I like to have some of my pictures go in the background, and I couldn't get them precisely how I wanted. It was hard to situate everything just right. My April calendar was a total disaster, because of my lack of time and the amount of time I needed to make it how I would of liked. On excel I could have made it within an hour and a half and be satisfied, but the table on word was much more time consuming. To me, it is much easier making a calendar on excel than word tables, but don't let me decide. You be the judge! Word tables v.s. excel?

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